Fans Rejoice! The first 6.5 minutes of the highly anticipated “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM” movie have dropped on YouTube, offering a thrilling glimpse into the story and action.

Unveiled Details:

Chairman Durandal’s Words: The preview opens with Durandal, setting the stage for the conflict.
Mobile Suit Showcase: Witness the launch of iconic characters aboard the Millennium battleship, including Lunamaria’s Gelgoogmen Nurse, Agnes’ Ganstrom, and Shin’s Immortal Justice Gundam.
Rising Freedom Gundam Soars: Kira’s signature mech takes flight with the epic theme song “FREEDOM” playing in the background.
Spectacular 3DCG Action: Brace yourself for breathtaking battle sequences brought to life with cutting-edge animation.

Bonus Scene Cuts:

7 new scenes: Get a sneak peek at exciting moments like Rising Freedom and Immortal Justice battling together, Athrun’s tense expression, and Mu interacting with the mysterious Orpheus.
Suspicious Z’Gok: One scene features the iconic Z’Gok with a glowing mono-eye, sparking speculation among fans.

Beyond the Preview:

Story Context: Dive into the CE75 timeline and Lacus’ role in maintaining peace through the newly formed Compass organization.
Special Feature: Check out Comic Natalie’s interview with female Gundam fans discussing their love for the series and praising strong characters like Lacus and Marie.

Mark Your Calendars:

The “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM” movie premieres in Japan on January 26, 2024. Don’t miss this epic follow-up to the SEED saga!