Yu-Gi-Oh/Konami - January 26, 2024 - Get ready to duel like your favorite anime characters! The highly anticipated “Maze of Millennia” trading card game (TCG) set for Yu-Gi-Oh! unleashes iconic cards straight from the beloved animated series, fulfilling dreams for fans worldwide.

Among these treasured additions is the legendary Eye of Illusion, once wielded by the villainous Maximillion Pegasus. This mysterious card, previously absent from the real-life TCG, sparked much intrigue amidst fans who witnessed its power on screen. Now, with “Maze of Millennia,” duelists can finally command its arcane abilities in their own matches.

Remember how Pegasus used the Eye of Illusion to control Yugi’s Dark Magician? While the anime played fast and loose with card mechanics, the “Maze of Millennia” version stays true to the game’s modern rules while capturing the spirit of its animated counterpart. Now a Quick-Play card activated by Spellcaster or Illusion monsters, the Eye of Illusion offers potent protection for your Illusion/Spellcaster monsters, temporary control over your opponent’s monster, and even redirects enemy attacks for strategic advantage.

But the Eye of Illusion is just one jewel in a treasure trove of anime-inspired cards. Duelists can also expect to wield the mighty Number 1: Infection Buzzking and unlock the fiery potential of the “Bonfire” card from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.