New York, Feb 3, 2024: Dragon Ball Super artist Toyotarou sparked fan excitement at the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2024, expressing his desire to see a new story featuring the “forgotten Saiyan,” Turles.

Key Points:

Toyotarou’s Wish: The artist hopes to see a future adaptation exploring Turles’ backstory and potential return.

Turles Explained: Debuting in Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might, Turles represents an alternate Saiyan timeline where they remained ruthless warriors.

Potential Connection: Toyotarou’s recent Gohan illustration and Dragon Ball Super’s inclusion of classic villains hint at a possible comeback for Turles.

Storyline Opportunity: Turles could serve as a formidable opponent for Gohan’s recently showcased “beast form.”

Dragon Ball Super Update: The manga heads into a new arc soon, with the next chapter expected in mid-to-late February.