New York, Feb 2, 2024: Popular anime streaming website Aniwatch has been named to the US Trade Representative’s (USTR) 2023 Notorious Markets List, highlighting its alleged role in facilitating widespread copyright piracy.

Key Points:

Accusations: Aniwatch reportedly offers unauthorized access to anime content, similar to shut-down site
Global Reach: USTR identifies Aniwatch as a major global player in anime piracy.
Location Obfuscation: The website reportedly masks its server locations, raising concerns.
USTR’s Response: The agency emphasizes pursuing operators behind piracy sites for long-term solutions.
Wider Campaign: Listing on the Notorious Markets List aims to raise awareness and encourage enforcement action.

###Market Impact:

  • This inclusion could attract scrutiny to Aniwatch and potentially impact user base and revenue.
  • The action serves as a warning to other piracy platforms potentially operating under the radar.
  • It underscores the US government’s ongoing efforts to combat online copyright infringement.

###Further Reading:

  • Access the full USTR report for detailed information HERE.
  • Explore ongoing discussions and legal battles surrounding online piracy HERE.