Kagurabachi unleashes a cliffhanger as deadly as its enchanted blades! Chapter 18 concluded the clash between Chihiro and Sojo, but the fallout leaves our hero embroiled in a new conflict with even higher stakes.

Sojo’s demise: Chihiro emerges victorious, but not without consequences. Sojo’s final struggle triggers his blade’s power, leading to his unexpected death. This victory draws the unwanted attention of the Kamunabi, a fearsome organization obsessed with controlling enchanted blades.

Enter Hiyuki: The Kamunabi unleashes their trump card – Hiyuki, a formidable warrior tasked with retrieving both Chihiro’s blade and the mysterious Cloud Gouge. This cryptic request, involving “Flame Bone up to the torso,” hints at another powerful enchanted blade hidden in the shadows.

Intensifying conflict: Kagurabachi’s world heats up as Chihiro becomes a high-value target. With Hiyuki wielding unknown powers and the Kamunabi closing in, the stage is set for a thrilling new arc. Expect epic battles, shocking revelations, and the search for the “Flame Bone” to ignite the manga’s future!

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