The Straw Hats will follow their captain, Luffy, when One Piece: Red premieres. They’ll meet Shanks’ daughter, and things will turn wild when they meet a character originally from Attack on Titan.

The latest update includes new characters, Romy and Yorueka. They are similar to the character Uta from the show Shanks’ Daughter Uta in the sense that they have the same hair color, one has a woven dress and satchel, while the other wears a tattered jumper and has untamed brown-green hair.

The team at Toei Animation revealed that Chiise Nitsu will voice Romy and Yorueka will voice Yuki Kaji. If the latter’s name sounds familiar to you, well – you must be a veteran anime fan. The actor is one of the most prolific in the industry but is known best for voicing Eren in Attack on Titan.

Kaij is known for playing monstrous characters and other notable roles. There are few actors with the same branding power as Kaij and now he is set to take on the leading role in One Piece with their new animated film. If you want to see this movie, it will be premiering in Japan at the beginning of August.

What do you think of this new One Piece update? Are you excited to explore the anime’s new film in theaters?