After Maki’s struggles with Naoya’s new powers and the strange appearance of two other Culling Game contestants disrupted the flow of the fight in the previous chapter, Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 196 shows Maki finally accepting. sumo with someone new, Miyo. Stuck in her sumo domain extension, Maki decides to accept the match to restore her current embarrassment. After being teased that she can’t see anything in battle, Maki decides to accept Miyo’s help in figuring out how to take her skills to the next level.

Wanting her to gain a new degree of freedom in her movements as her body begins to register everything around her in a very different way, the end of the chapter shows Maki being released from the realm. Miyo’s sumo as she happily reveals that she is with her now. the best. Considering what we’ve seen of her abilities in the series so far, this “better” new Maki is a much more formidable tease for the future of Culling Games.