Manga creator Yoshihiro Togashi tweeted on Monday that he has “decided to increase his [staff]”. The news follows a health-related update earlier this month that Hunter X Hunter creator’s symptoms were not improving and he was in pain.

Togashi released a statement ahead of his upcoming concert in October detailing his health issues. In the post, Togashi wrote, “You’re probably thinking, ‘Let’s draw the next chapter.’ It is true that I was unable to sit in a chair for two years, which made it impossible for me to draw, but by throwing the usual methods aside, I was somehow able to continue drawing. your back and hips Just two weeks ago Writing this, I couldn’t get into position to wipe my butt and had to take a shower every time I poop. It takes me 3 to 5 times longer to do the daily movements. Your hips are very important. “Monday’s tweet said that the background effects for Chapter 399 were done at his request and that Chapter 400 would continue after Togashi submitted his specs. Togashi added that the addition staffing is not done through open recruitment..

In May, Togashi commented in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine that he had completed a 10-chapter manuscript, which is a typical amount for a volume. The series has been on hiatus since November 2018. The series returned from a previous hiatus in September 2018 after a hiatus in April 2018. The previous series went on hiatus in September 2017 and Togashi announced at the time that he plans to resume the series before the end of the year. The manga was then resumed in January 2018. The manga took several other breaks before these.