After a hiatus, Chainsaw Man has returned to the series with new chapters. Creator Tatsuki Fujimoto is dedicating all his time to delivering fresh content. The latest chapter, which was released today, is anticipated by many of the manga’s fans.

Viz Media’s new chapter of Shonen Jump is now available for English readers. This chapter features a headless chicken devil who will be met by fans.

Before the first major arc of “Chainsaw Man” finished in 2020, Hiroya Fujimoto had begun work on a new part. Due to his schedule, he had to complete side projects while working on the second volume. But due to his recent critical success with other work, Fujimoto can now focus all of his attention on “Chainsaw Man”.

Chainsaw Man is back, and this means Denji has a lot to do. So if you are not caught up with the series, you can check out the manga digitally or in print through Viz Media right now. You can also find more details in the following official synopsis:

“Denji was a mere devil hunter struggling to survive in the harsh world around him. After he gets killed on one of his jobs and is revived by his pet dog Pochita, he becomes something new and dangerous- Chainsaw Man!”

What do you think of the latest Chainsaw Man manga? Are you eager to see how the second part goes down?