When Crunchyroll and Naver Webtoons’ Tower of God premiered in April, viewers were thrust into an unfamiliar world with its own unique terminology and rules. As the series continued, few of rules that hold Tower together were revealed. Our own reviewer Lauren Orsini came away from the finale still scratching her head on how exactly everything worked.

In our new video, Leo Rydel will guide you through the world of Tower of God, what those battle positions are all about, what exactly a Princess of Jahad is, and how the whole climb to the top works. If you found yourself confused after that finale, we have the answers for you. That also means SPOILERS EVERYWHERE. You were warned!

Ever since Tower of God debuted in April, it’s become a common part of anime discussion circles, but for those new to the anime, it’s got a rich lore beyond what the first episodes have shown us. That’s what we’re here for!

Leo Rydel here to help explain some of this to you in “Everything You Need to Know About Tower of God”. Alright, let’s dive in.

The Tower The Tower is the main setting for the series and is where most of the people in this world were born. There are three different sections of the Tower. The first is the inner tower where chosen individuals, called “Regulars” can climb the Tower. The inner tower has 135 floors and each floor has a ruler who decides on a series of tests, which is then carried out by the test director, administrators, and other staff. Every floor also has a Guardian that controls the Shinsu of that floor. Shinsu is a substance that flowers among the Tower. Think of it like Chakra from Naruto. Each floor has a different amount of Shinsu density, which takes different forms. No one has reached the 135th floor of the Tower, so the current “top” of the inner tower is the 134th floor. Those who reach the top are called “Rankers.”

The second section of the Tower is called the “outer tower”. The outer tower is the residential area, where people live. Each floor of the outer tower is said to be as large as North and South America combined. The cultures, environments, and ecosystems are different on each floor. Some of the residents don’t even know about the inner tower. People from the outer tower who are selected to climb are the “Regulars” mentioned earlier. People who were not born in the outer tower are called “Irregulars.” These individuals are also not chosen to climb the Tower, but do so anyway. I also want to mention that people in this world live hundreds of years, depending on how high they climb the Tower. Rankers can live over 1,000 years!

Lastly, in the Middle Area is a bridge between the two sections and where Rankers live. Regulars can live there too if they reach the 20th floor.

Jahad Jahad is the “King” of the Tower. He and other powerful warriors climbed and conquered 134 floors of the Tower, which his empire now dominates. He hand selects elite female warriors to be “Princesses of Jahad” and they are considered his daughters. The princesses are selected every several hundred years and must adhere to strict rules:

No relationships with a man They cannot marry They cannot bare children They cannot assist anyone against the Jahad empire The Jahad family is the most influential family in the Tower. Followed by them are the 10 Great Families who are considered separate from the Empire of Jahad. Most Great Families have a princess selected by the King. Below them are the inhabitants of the floors who can be chosen as a Regular if the Caretaker of the Tower, Headon, chooses them.

Rankers, Tests, and Positions Rankers are individuals who climbed the Tower. They are split into several different categories based on power, recognition, and influence. Advanced Rankers are the top 10% of Rankers and there are about 10,000 of them. High Rankers are the top 1% and are described as “Gods among Gods.” Only High Rankers can become Rulers of a tower floor.

Speaking of floors, every floor in the inner tower has a test or series of tests of which there are two types: the current system for Regulars and the ancient system for Irregulars. The Regular testing system consists of one or more tests, with the difficulty increasing as they climb. The tests are administered by the Rulers of the floor in most cases, but sometimes they can be given by the Guardian. The Irregular testing system consists of a Guardian’s test, and reflects the desires of the Irregular participating in the test. If they pass, the Guardian can fulfill part or all of the Irregular’s wishes.

Now, when it comes to positions there are multiple roles. In team scenarios a character could be:

The Fisherman: the frontline offense, they charge into battle The Spear Bearer: is the second line of offense, fighting from afar or close The Scout: runs ahead for info and delivers it back to the team The Light Bearer: stores and delivers information to the team The Wave Controller: conductor of the battle, they aid the entire team through healing or large attacks Weapons The last thing I want to mention is the weapons of Tower of God. There are different types like hooks with curved blades, needles with skinny blades and swords…you know what a sword is. Ignition weapons are special weapons within the Tower that have unique abilities and flow with Shinsu. The most powerful Ignition Weapons and weapons within the Tower are the 13 Month series. These are given to select Princesses of Jahad who climbed the Tower. Each weapon has a soul inside of it with special abilities once awakened. The main character, Bam, controls one of the 13th Month weapons, the Black March.

That was a lot to take in, did you catch all that? Feel proud because you’re now a Tower of God master…or should I call you a High Ranker?